Friday, June 17, 2016

Time in Between

It's been quite a while since I last posted. This past year has been quite an adventure.
About a month ago I had the pleasure of reconnecting with an old friend and a fellow blogger. I meet this lovely sister 6 years ago in a meeting for contribution boxes. We kept in touch on and off through our blogs. 6 years later we sat in a coffee shop catching up on our lives, we talked about our blogs and what has changed in our lives just as if we were constantly part of each other’s lives. It's fascinating to think how throughout the years in a way we've shared so much of our lives and understood each other. I've read her worries, her thoughts and experiences and vice versa. I remember a few years ago she messaged me regarding a post I wrote on this blog. A post I couldn't bring myself to verbally express myself with my friends. Her words were comforting. Possibly more comforting then she even knows. It was soothing to know someone so far could feel so close
 I look at my blog now and how far it has come and it brings a smile to my face. When I started this blog I never imagined to have meet so many of you in person and have such a great connection. I started this blog as a personal documentation of my experiences, joys and life as someone else who swam against the current.  I didn't start to write to be read. I kept them locked away, like it was a diary or something. The more I read of others, though, the more I wanted to write, and eventually share. Being able to share this with you guys has been a pleasure, it makes me appreciate Jehovah's organization even more. You guys were able to understand the joy of seeing a study progress, to see my struggles in high school and maintain my loyalty to Jehovah. Most of us have never meet in person but we are still able to understand each other. Just proves We definitely are going on the same road.  Thank you guys for this many, many years of sharing.  I'm glad all of you have been part of this journey. Your encouraging comments and posts have helped me some way or another.  When I couldn't express myself with words to my friends blogging was my way to go to express myself.

Which brings us here. Therefore, as you continue to read this or not, you are getting a little peek into the innards of me. You have been warned. Writing with Jehovah in mind, with my spirituality held in my heart as well as my pen, has helped me see that we have to make the best out of any situation, to learn how to fight pain with a different set of eyes than before. We learn to face up to the facts like a spiritual woman/man. Learn to hurt like an adult, and to learn how to learn from that hurt. Ask me why, and I'd tell you that we're different as Jehovah's people. We're not the type to shrink back, to break without healing, or to give up. Even Hemming way said that a man was not made for defeat, and that he can be destroyed but not defeated. Scripture, writings from fellow brothers, and even my own writings helped me see that we're stronger than that. Jehovah has made us stronger than that. Sometimes it’s okay to lie down for today. But tomorrow, we have to get back up. Keep giving. Keep struggling to do good by Jehovah. Don't have any regrets, and don't look back at what has to stay in the past. Learn what we can from it, and march on. That is what this blog is about. Not just my blessings of pioneering, RBC.   This blog is about life, in all its totality.