40 oz of Freedom

I truly have no answers, if any, about life in this world. I don’t claim to understand the underlying values of this system. But I also don’t choose to. Because I don’t believe in it. I don’t believe in a world which spells a finish-line with letters pronounced ‘death’. I don’t believe in a world where loss is as natural as life. I don’t believe man will ever have the true capability beyond words to lay peace and justice as neatly as an iron-pressed shirt on Sunday mornings I adorn my faith in religiously. Simply put, I don’t believe in man. Maybe I’m completely wrong. Maybe this road I walk toward is as narrow as they say my mind is. Maybe. But maybe dying for a belief of something more. Or something better. Maybe believing that my great grandpa is sitting somewhere on the other side of paradise waiting for me means more to me than to ever believe that this world is worth dying for. That injustice. And hatred. And finding escape through forty-ounces of freedoms and hangovers is all w…

Anybody there??

1, 2,3 mic check! Does anybody still come on here? It's been a while since I've talked to you guys. I'm not sure who my audience is anymore or perhaps even if there is an audience to speak too. Thank you to all you who are here. Whoever has been following me for all this years, who ever happened to stumble open this little blog on the inter webs Welcome! Welcome to my beautiful odyssey.  I think its time I share, why I left my blog for a couple years. When I first started my blog it was the intent to get encouraged by others by reading there journeys of serving were the need is greater. Till this day I still read your blogs. Its been around 7 years ago that I started this and I'm so happy I did because as i read back to my old posts. I know Jehovah has never left me throughout the whole way.

4 years ago I fell into depression perhaps the hardest thing in my life that I've had to overcome. My family stopped going too meetings and a friend of mine committed suicide. …

Time in Between

It's been quite a while since I last posted. This past year has been quite an adventure.
About a month ago I had the pleasure of reconnecting with an old friend and a fellow blogger. I meet this lovely sister 6 years ago in a meeting for contribution boxes. We kept in touch on and off through our blogs. 6 years later we sat in a coffee shop catching up on our lives, we talked about our blogs and what has changed in our lives just as if we were constantly part of each other’s lives. It's fascinating to think how throughout the years in a way we've shared so much of our lives and understood each other. I've read her worries, her thoughts and experiences and vice versa. I remember a few years ago she messaged me regarding a post I wrote on this blog. A post I couldn't bring myself to verbally express myself with my friends. Her words were comforting. Possibly more comforting then she even knows. It was soothing to know someone so far could feel so close .  I look at my …